ADA Encourages Vaccine


ADA strongly encourages COVID-19 vaccination among dental professionals

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WVDA Bylaws Being Updated

A committee of the Executive Council is working to update the WVDA’s bylaws and seeks member input.  The bylaws have not been updated in over 3 decades.  

The bylaws can be accessed here.  In the document, the color coding presents all changes that have been made in the past to the document.  In the spirit of transparency, all are noted differently.  The black text is the original bylaws.  The blue text is what was approved by the Executive Council in 1983.  The red text incorporates everything along with some general clean up (gender references, etc.)  Please make your comments based on the black and red, which reflects an updated document.   

Please take time to review the bylaws and provide comments/suggested changes to by June 30, 2022.

Comments and suggested changes will be compiled for presentation to the full Executive Council at the July 2022 meeting.  Afterwards, amended by-laws will be provided for review of the membership for approval at a later date.  For full transparency, the membership will be notified about each step and have full access to the information.

Please direct any questions to the WVDA Executive Director at 304-344-5246 or

Welcome to the West Virginia Dental Association

Welcome to the West Virginia Dental Association, your source of oral health information. We are a statewide, tripartite dental professional organization.  Our members enjoy the benefits from us, the American Dental Association membership as well as their local community dental district.

We provide members benefits such as discounts on goods and services, continuing education (CE), and opportunities to volunteer and advocate on behalf of the dental community. 

We can also help those outside of the profession Find A Dentist, learn about oral health, discover more about dental careers and answer any questions you might have.

Good oral health is a key component of overall health, and the West Virginia Dental Association is a key advocate for quality healthcare. ​We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.