WV Medicaid News

WVDA has just learned that WV Medicaid is transferring more than 150,000 individuals to the four managed care organizations (MCOs).

These are the individuals given Medicaid coverage during expansion of the program over the past two years.   The overwhelming majority of these persons are adults.

The transition begins today with letters being sent these individuals requesting they select one of the four (4) MCOs for their coverage.  These individuals are currently covered under the traditional fee-for-service Medicaid program.

A new enrollment broker by the name of Maximus is to handle the transfers to the MCOs.

In addition to checking ID cards, dental offices may wish to verify coverage by contacting the MCO identified on the ID card to be assured the person is covered…and if so, by which MCO.

WVDA is not aware of any notice of this transfer being sent dentists or other health professionals by the Medicaid agency.  WVDA will keep dentists informed as information is obtained.