Nominations for WVDA Offices

Nominations for WVDA Offices Open

Meeting at Stonewall April 18, the Nominations Committee selected candidates for 2016 WVDA offices. The candidates are: Vice President – Dr. Chris Smith of the Kanawha Valley Dental Society; Secretary – Dr. Phil Majestro of Kanawha Valley Dental Society; Treasurer – Dr. Douglas Robertson of Wheeling District Dental Society; and ADA Delegate – Dr. Tom Leslie of Eastern Panhandle Dental Society. 

WVDA members desiring to be a candidate for any of the above offices may file by submitting a petition with signatures of 15 member/dentists to WVDA.  The WVDA office must receive petitions by May 18.

Executive Council Update

At its April 18 meeting, WVDA officers and component delegates addressed several issues, including receiving a report from Dr. Tom Borgia, Interim Dean of WVU School of Dentistry.  He informed Council that renovations to current or another space would be pursued instead of building a new dental school. He also reported class size is being reduced because students do not have enough patients to fulfill their clinical requirements,

Dr. Dallas Nibert, President, reported plans for the 2015 Annual Session were finalized to include a “one-of-its-kind” CE course and increased events to draw young dentists and dental students.  He along with Drs. Nika Hettlinger, Jamie Day and Vince Veltri met with WVU students, April 17, and invited them to the Annual Session and reported on benefit of membership in WVDA and ADA,.

Dr. Day reported a luncheon for women dentists will be held during the meeting at The Greenbrier, and either the ADA President or President Elect would be attending.  She also reported a silent auction would be held during dinner. 

Dr. Nika Hettlinger reported complimentary registration was being extended fourth-year students and graduates attending the meeting, and Mountain State Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons was hosting the New Dentists (less than 10 years in practice) program at The Greenbrier.

Dr. Robert Wanker, President Elect, expressed need to communicate with students to join WVDA and creation of a mentor program.

Dr. David Eller, Vice President, reported on his attending an ADA webinar on workforce.  He said some states will have a need for more dentists and dental hygienists while others will not.  He also said the only Dental Health Advanced Practitioner program is in Alaska, where access to care is very limited.

Dr. Brett Eckley, Secretary, distributed a list of non-member dentists and requested components to identify those who have left the State.  He also requested delegates to contact non-members and encourage their joining.

Dr. Douglas Robertson, Treasurer, reported $93,000 in reserve with $7,700 being added to reserve in 2015.

Dr. Vince Veltri reported advances were being made to the WVDA website to include Facebook and Twitter, a message board, links to the ADA, CE courses, advertising and reserved sections for WVDA members only.  He expects to have the new website online by the Annual Session.

Mr. Richard Stevens, Executive Director, reported on the 2015 Legislature, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the FTC vs North Carolina Dental Board, the WV Board of Education’s new policy requiring children to have an exam by a dentist, Medicare Part D prescription drug program, and the ADA Health Polity Research Center.