Membership Benefits

Various insurance plans have been sponsored by WVDA for member/dentists and their staff since 1964.  These include Professional Protector Plan (malpractice and office equipment and building insurance), medical insurance complying with federal law, life insurance, disability income and office overhead expense insurance. 

WVDA is especially proud to announce improvements in the Professional Protector Plan (PPP) for Dentists.  Th PPP has been endorsed by WVDA since 1974.  It has been a stable insurance program for dentists without interruption…compared to other programs who have been in-and-out of the market or refused to insure certain individuals or specialists.   Over 30,000 dentists are covered by the PPP nationwide.  More than 300 West Virginia dentists benefit from the PPP with malpractice insurance, general liability, dental office equipment, property and, if needed, insurance on a dentist’s building.   Improved protection and lower costs are forthcoming with the PPP.   Send your name and email address to [email protected] for information or call WVDA 304-344-5246.

Looking for continuing education credits? Your membership provides discounted registration to in-person CE courses on the national and state level as well as online CE options. From programs such as the ADA Continuing Education Online and JADA Continuing Education Program to the ADA365 online extension of the ADA annual meeting and the ADA Executive Program in Practice Management your online CE options are extensive.  

WVDA offers CE required for maintaining a license in West Virginia.   This includes Drug Diversion and Best Practices Prescribing Controlled Substances.   Completion of this three-hour course is required within one-year of attaining a West Virginia license, then every two years thereafter.    The current two-year cycle for this CE requirement is February 1, 2016 to January 31, 2018.   In addition to live courses, a home-study course is available to satisfy this license requirement.  

Do you have insurance needs both personally and professionally? Your membership provides access to ADA-sponsored group insurance plans including term and universal life insurance, disability income protection, and office overhead expense specifically designed for practicing dentists. In addition, members can shop for health insurance at the new ADA-endorsed American Health Insurance Exchange.

Retirement questions? Look into the ADA Members Retirement Program. Members have access to a profit sharing plan with a choice of four 401(k) options – traditional 401(k), SIMPLE 401 (k), Safe Harbor 401(k), and the Owners 401(k) for dentists with no employees. In addition, the ADA-Endorsed Individual Retirement Account Program offers Traditional and Roth IRA’s, rollover IRA’s, as well as SEP and SIMPLE IRA’s.

Your WVDA and ADA membership provides numerous practice management benefits. From discounts on ADA products such as CDT Manuals, OSHA and HIPAA Compliance Kits to access to the ADA Center for Professional Success. The Center for Professional Success is an online portal providing information on a wide range of topics such as office design, staff management, and work-life balance.

Finally, members can rest assured that the collective voice of the profession is being heard in Washington, D.C. through the work of the ADA Advocacy Program.  With ADA lobbyists in Congress, the ADA is working to influence public policies that impact the practice of dentistry and the oral health of patients.   The ADA and WVDA have selected vendors who provide an array of services and products that benefit dental practices with reduced costs.   Vendors are fiscally sound, offer ADA/WVDA member preferred pricing and deliver high quality customer service.  Below are the many benefits afforded member/dentists. 

  • Professional Protector Plan (PPP) for Dentists – 304-344-5320  or  800-922-5694 –
  • Best Card – Low cost credit card processing services – 877-739-3952 –
  • Care Credit – Patient financing dental service – 866-221-8761 –
  • UPS – Shipping Service – 800-636-2377 –
  • SurePayroll – 866-535-3592 –
  • ADA Find-a-Dentist – Promote your practice – Go to: 
  • ADA Guidelines for Practice Success (GPS) – Go to:
  • U.S. Bank Visa Signature Card – 888-327-2265   ext 38326
  • Lands’ End – Save 10% on every order – 800-990-5407
  • HealthFirst – Amalgam Recovery Solutions – 888-963-6787 –
  • Sharps Management – 888-963-6787
  • In Touch Telephone Message On Hold – 800-493-9003
  • The Digital Dental Record – 800-243-4675 –
  • Whirlpool – Save on popular brands – 866-808-9274 – – Code: ADA5A2775
  • Mercedes Benz – Up to $3,500 on purchase or lease – 866-678-7232
  • PBHS – Website Design – 800-840-5383 – 
  • HealthFirst – Amalgam Separators – 888-963-6787 – [email protected]
  • PBHS – Secure Email – 855-932-4232 –
  • Association Gloves & Supplies – Money Savings – 877-484-6149 – 
  • Medical Waste Services – Locked In Pricing – 855-880-7008  ext 6003 –
  • Shredding Services – 855-880-7008 –
  • Wells Fargo Practice Finance – 888-937-2321
  • ADA Member Insurance Plans – 866-607-5336
  • WVDA Member Insurance Plans – 304-344-5246