Medicaid meeting August 21: your input sought

WV Medicaid’s Medical Services Fund Advisory Council will meet August 21 to review the federal/state funded $3.4 billion health program covering over 500,000 West Virginians.  As reported by WVDA in a July 2 E-NEWS, the three managed-care organizations will garner 23% gross profit for administering the program, the greatest profit of HMOs in 37 states, according to the independent actuarial firm Milliman.  The gross profit nationally for all HMOs is 14%.

Dr. Carol Buffington represents WVDA on the Council, with Executive Director Richard Stevens serving as the alternate.  Dentists are requested to send an email to [email protected] (Richard Stevens) reporting the problems they witness with the Medicaid dental program.   Please be specific in siting problems. These problems will be conveyed to the Council.  Names of dentists reporting will be kept confidential.