enews 4-21-2016

WVU President Gee speaks to Council
Gordon Gee, President of WV University, was the guest speaker at WVDA’s
Executive Council meeting in Morgantown, April 16.  President Gee was very
complimentary of advances the Dental School had made since Dr. Tom Borgia
was appointed Dean.  He assured WVDA officers and component delegates at
the meeting that the School was not going to close, as had been rumored.  He
also expressed a spirit of cooperation with other schools of higher education
around the State.
WVDA hosted a dinner for freshmen and sophomore dental students Friday
evening.  Presidents of all classes attended the Executive Council meeting,
which was chaired by Dr. Robert Wanker, WVDA President.
WVU retains accreditation with CODA
WVDA learned today that the School of Dentistry complied with all standards
and examinations conducted this week by CODA.   Congratulations goes to
Dr. Tom Borgia, Dean, and the entire faculty for their hard work and successful
efforts in retaining accreditation.
WVDA office to upgrade with ADA
American Dental Association (ADA) officials will be in the WVDA office June 21
and 22 and again August 23 and 24 to install and implement electronic systems
to improve communications between the two organizations.  The new system is
is Aptify, a brand name company, who shares 85% of association communication
market with five vendors.
The ADA has been implementing Aptify over the past two years among 45 state
dental associations.  The system will improve efficiencies between states as well
as add services and improve access to members countrywide. There is no cost to
WVDA for the new system.
ADA active with lobbying Congress
Please see the attached 2015 lobbying report from the ADA, describing issues of
interest to dentistry before the U. S. Congress