enews 3-2-16

Plan to expand taxes short-lived
The House of Delegates Finance Committee approved a plan to broaden the state’s
tax base last Saturday morning in an effort to shore up the state’s declining revenues
and balance the budget.  They weren’t exactly sure, however, how much revenue it
would produce.
Their plan amended House Bill 2704, which only called for a one percent increase
in the State’s current six percent consumers sales and use tax, by imposing the tax
on selected professionals and services currently exempt from the tax and lowering
the tax by one-quarter of one-percent per year through December 2019, on current
payers.  They titled the plan “The Tax Decreased Act of 2016”.
Executive Director Richard Stevens attended the meeting, prepared to object to the
new tax should it be imposed on dental services.  Although the Committee reported
$1 billion dollars of revenue exists in the current exemption of health care services,
it elected not to impose a tax on any health care services.  Over 70 types of services
are currently exempt from the consumer sales and use tax, totaling over $2 billion
according to the Committee.
However, the plan was short-lived after the full House of Delegates voted to “table”
the bill when it went into session Monday.
Adding consumers to dental board dropped
“A proposal to add eight consumers to the Board of Dentistry has been dropped by
the House Government Organization Committee”, said Richard Stevens, Executive
Director, who lobbied against the proposal.  The proposal was initiated by the
Committee in response to the U. S Supreme Court of Appeals ruling in the North
Carolina Board of Dentistry case against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
The FTC said and the Court agreed that the NC Board acted “without active
supervision” when it issued cease and desist orders stopping the whitening of
teeth by unlicensed people.  Stevens presented procedures followed in WV by the
Board of Dentistry, the Legislature and Attorney General documenting that active
supervision is exercised before the WV Board would take similar actions.
Important news about CHIP reimbursement
WV Medicaid sent the attached notice to WVDA requesting it be sent dentists,
regarding CHIP reimbursement.