enews 1-25-2016

Legislation proposes restructure of licensing boards
The House of Delegates Government Organization Committee is proposing legislation
to change the makeup of all licensing boards so that non-licensed persons make up
a majority of the members of each board.
Legislation was approved by the Committee without any questions or discussion this
afternoon, changing the boards of realtors, engineers, surveyors and real estate
commission to a majority of persons who are not licensed by their respective boards.
Executive Director Richard Stevens attended the meeting to observe the proceedings.
In explaining the purpose of each of the four bills proposing the change, the attorney
said the composition of the boards had to change to comply with the U.S. Supreme
Court ruling that the North Carolina Board of Dentistry violated antitrust laws by
stopping non-licensed professionals from administering teething whiting services on
the public.  The Federal Trade Commission successfully sought the ruling from the
high Court.
The House Government Organization Committee is calling officials of the various
licensing boards into their office to discuss the proposed changes.  Boards are given
a limited number of choices to comply with the Committee’s proposal, including
adding a majority of laypersons or a majority of previous licensees or a combination
of both.
The Board of Dentistry meets with Delegate Gary Howell, chair of the Committee,
and the Committee attorney tomorrow, January 27.