E-News August 26, 2015

Medicaid reveals financial and enrollment data

Significant financial data and growth of beneficiaries were reported during WV

Medicaid’s Medical Services Fund Advisory Council meeting Friday, August 21.

Dr. Carol Buffington, WVDA Liaison to Medicaid, and Executive Director Richard

Stevens attended the two and one-half hour meeting in Charleston.


Interim Commissioner Cynthia Beane reported 165,592 West Virginians were

enrolled in Medicaid during the first 18 months of the expansion, which started

January 2014.  She said with this increase, the State now leads the country with

the fewest number of uninsured persons.


She then reported the agency began transitioning these people from the fee-for-

service (FFS) program into the four (4) managed care organizations (MCOs) in

July 2015.  All of the new enrollees are to be in the MCOs by September.


Medicaid’s Financial Officer Tony Adkins reported to the 50-or-so attendees

the total number of persons now covered by Medicaid was 517,782 at the end

of FY 2015 (ending June 30), and the average covered per month over the past

year was 515,000.  He also said as many as 650,000 individuals were covered

at one time or another during the past year. (WV has a population of 1.8 million.)


Enrollment in Medicaid has increased from 335,000 (rounded off) in 2013 to the

517,782 in 2015 — which is attributed to the expansion program.  Officials said

there was a need to expand the network of providers.  (Apparently, there is

concern with adequacy of providers with the greater than anticipated enrollment.

Officials projected 63,000 enrolling when preparing for the expansion, only to

have 165,592 enroll.)


Adkins reported federal share of the expenses incurred among new enrollees

will be 100% through 2016, at which time the feds will pay 95% of expenses,

then 90% in 2020.  When asked by Stevens if any money remains in Medicaid’s

trust fund, Medicaid officials said there were no remaining funds.


Medicaid’s health care expenses have increased from $3.017 billion in 2013

to $3.707 billion at the close of FY 2015, according to Adkins  The State’s share

of the expenses have grown from $842 million to $929 million during the same

period.  The balance was paid by the federal government.


Dr. Buffington and Stevens will be meeting with Medicaid officials and MCOs

September 11 to discuss issues express by dentists with the dental program.