CDT Code to ICD (Diagnosis) Code Cross- Walk

Implementation of the ICD-10 diagnosis code set is set for October 1, 2015.  It replaces ICD-9.  If you cross code to medical or enter diagnosis codes on dental claims, you must be prepared to use the ICD-10 codes or your claims submitted for date of service 10-1-2015 or after will be denied without ICD-10 codes.

Please note the below email and attached document sent me yesterday by Frank J. Pokorny, Senior Manager for Dental Codes at the ADA.  This information will help you prepare for ICD-10.   This is available to all ADA members at no cost.

>>Email Below & Attachment here>>

I’m pleased that we were able to talk today.  The enclosure is a working draft of the ICD-10 content for CDT 2016 Companion that we discussed.  It contains the CDT Code to ICD Code tables and information on the CMS web site where the entire code set is available for download at no cost.

I’ve checked the ADA’s Internet site for ICD-10 information and believe the following pages provide the additional information about efforts to inform members about this code set and its possible implications.

International Classification of Diseases (ICD)

Standard Terminologies and Codes

ICD Reporting on ADA 2012 Form

ICD and CDT Coding Examples