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Attached is an updated reference guide for Medicaid manage care, which I secured yesterday from
Mountain Health Trust — a contractor for Medicaid who enrolls Medicaid beneficiaries into the four (4) managed care organizations (MCOs).   If a person does not chose a MCO, Mountain Health Trust
assigns the person to one of the four MCOs.
Please note Coventry is replaced by Aetna as a MCO.
I was informed by Mountain Health Trust that only Scion and Molina are processing Medicaid dental
claims.  If any additional third party payer (TPA) becomes a claims processor I will let you know.

Reference Guide for Medicaid Managed Care

Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR)

Apply and Change Medicaid Benefits

 First Time Applicants

 Report Changes and Updates – (Income, Address, and Newborn Children)

Customer Service Center: 1-877-716-1212

Apply online for Medicaid Website: www.wvinroads.org  Third Party Liability (TPL) Customer Service Center: 1-877-598-5820

Mountain Health Trust (MHT)

Enroll in a Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO)

 Enroll in an MCO or transfer MCOs

Customer Service Center Phone: 1-800-449-8466 Website: www.MountainHealthTrust.com

Molina Medicaid Solutions

For questions about covered services and billing:

Member Customer Service Center Phone: 1-888-483-0797

Provider Helpline: 1-888-483-0793


Haven’t Registered?  Last Chance to Register for the ADA Credentialing Service Webinar. Details Below:



You are invited to join us for a webinar on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 for a one hour session about the ADA Credentialing Service. The webinar will take place at 10am CDT and 2pm CDT.

As you may be aware, the ADA has developed a new portal to make professional credentialing faster and easier for dentists and third-party payers. The ADA Credentialing Service is a free, new benefit available to both member and non-member dentists to help streamline the credentialing process. Right now, dentists can input, store and update their professional credentials in one centralized location, and that information will be available to payers, hospitals and employers in the upcoming months.

The ADA ran a test pilot of the Credentialing Service in Kansas, Nevada and New Jersey, and is now preparing to roll it out nationwide on September 1, 2016. We invite you to learn about the results of the pilot, as well as see a live demo of the portal.

Part of our learnings from the pilot indicate that support on the state level is critical to engaging members. During the webinar we will talk about the next steps for the initial rollout and how your dental society can become involved. We hope that we can look to you for your support with this important initiative.

To sign up, click on the link below:


You will receive the call-in information several days prior to the webinar

We hope that you can attend this webinar and we appreciate your participation. However, in the event of any scheduling conflict that may have, please know that this webinar will be recorded and made available to anyone who is unable to join.


Thank you, and we look forward to your participation on the webinar.



April Kates-Ellison, M.S., CAE

[email protected]

Director, Client Services
Division of Member and Client Services
Phone 312.440.2624

Fax 312.440.2883


Dear Dentists,
We are saddened to report the passing of Bridgeport Dentist & previous WVU professor, Dr. Minter Chapman.  Friends will be received at Burnside Funeral Home, 607 S. Virginia Avenue, Bridgeport, from 10 – 11 a.m. on Saturday, August 20, 2016, where a celebration of Minter’s life will be held at 11 a.m. with Reverend Dr. C. Michael Hopkins presiding. Interment will follow in Sunset Memorial Park. Condolences may be extended to the Chapman Family at burnsidefuneralhome.com.
Please see the following link:



Update on Section 1557
Another provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), not previously disclosed,
surfaced in July, directing health care professionals to comply with new laws
prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age
or disability.  The law is known asSection 1557 of the ACA, and is in addition to
civil rights protection available under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
The ADA was unable to eliminate dentists from certain sections of the new law,
nor was the ADA able to delay implementation because it was an interpretation
of the law by regulators – specifically, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).  The ADA
will help dentists comply with the new law.  Compliance is required if a dentist
receives reimbursement from Medicaid, Medicare or CHIP.
As well as other health care practitioners, Section 1557 changes how dentists
interact with patients who are deaf and hard of hearing, and patients with limited
English proficiency, which means they are not fluent in English.  Dentists are to
take reasonable steps to provide meaningful access to an interpreter or translator
when providing services to these patients should the patient have the need of an
interpreter or translator.
WVDA is exploring the availability of qualified interpreters or translators.  One
such entity is TransPerfect, headquarter in Arizona, which operates worldwide
providing a full range of linguistic interpretation solutions to medical providers.
Their service would allow a dentist, for example, to call TransPerfect and engage
an interpreter in a three-way conversation between the dentist, patient and the
interpreter.  The cost of this service has not been determined.
WVDA will keep members informed of this issue, as will the ADA.


‘Don’t toss your floss’
Kudos to Dr. Josh Chapman of the Chapman & Puderbaugh Family Dentistry
practice in South Charleston for his outstanding ‘letter to the editor’ appearing
in today’s Charleston Gazette-Mail.  Dr. Chapman identified the benefits of
flossing in response to the Associated Press recently reporting flossing is no
longer recommended.  Attached is Dr. Chapman’s letter.
Expanded duties courses announced
Dentists were mailed a postcard last week announcing the expanded duties
courses being offered September 23 at the Holiday Inn in South Charleston.
The four courses include: nitrous oxide monitoring for dental hygienists and
assistants; coronal polishing for restorative and orthodontic assistants;
expanded duties for orthodontic assistants; and restorative expanded duties
for dental assistants.  Call WVDA 304-344-5246 for registration forms or send
an email with name, address and email address to wvrds@aol.com
Components play key role in membership
Research conducted by the ADA shows the experience dentists have at the
local level has a direct correlation on their decision to remain members of
organized dentistry.  While the tripartite structure provides member dentists
with benefits/resources at the national, state and local levels, components
have historically had the closest relationship with dentists.  This is not only
due to geographic proximity, but also the networking and social aspects of
professional collegiality.
WVDA is pleased to announce component meetings and events to dentists
on its email listserve.  Component officers are invited to send the schedule
of their local meetings to WVDA for publication.  This can help get the word
out to dentists to attend component meetings.
Medicaid Update
Dr. Carol Buffington, WVDA Liaison to WV Medicaid, and Richard Stevens,
Executive Director, will meet with Medicaid and managed care organizations
August 19.  Dentists are invited to convey issues they experience with the
program to Dr. Buffington [email protected] or Mr. Stevens wvrds@aol.com


Reminder: HIPAA
As reported in the May/June 2016 issue of WVDA News, the federal government
is auditing health care providers, including dentists, to ensure they are complying
with patient privacy laws and health care information security laws.  Penalties can
range from $100 to $50,000 per violation, with an annual maximum of $1.5 million
for all violations of a given HIPAA requirement or prohibition.  Additionally, an
individual or entity that violates HIPAA can face criminal penalties.
Protect your patients’ privacy and your practice with an ADA complete
HIPAA compliance kit.  The kit includes:
>Step by step process for developing privacy, breach notification and security
>A complete training program with CE credit
>Template for developing policies and procedures
>Sample notice of privacy practices
>Customizable form.
The cost of a complete HIPAA kit from the ADA is $300 for members and $450
for non-members.  Shop online adacatalog.org or call 800-947-4756.
CSMP access required of prescribers
Beginning July 1, 2016, and pursuant to WV law, all new licensees (dentists,
physicians, etc.) who prescribe or dispense Schedule II, III or IV controlled
substances must obtain and maintain individual access to the WV Controlled
Substance Monitoring Program (WVCSMP) database within 30 days of license.
All licensees who prescribe or dispense Schedule II, III or IV controlled
substances and who fail to register and maintain individual access with the
WVCSMP shall be subject to a $1,000 administrative penalty, and may face
disciplinary action.
After July 1, 2016, a licensee (dentist, physician, etc.) who has prescribed or
dispensed Schedule II, III or IV controlled substances may no renew his or her
WV license without verification that he or she has obtained and maintained
access to the WVCSMP.
The WVCSMP is maintained and operated by the Board of Pharmacy.
Information on how to register for access is found at www.wvbop.com or by
calling the Board of Pharmacy 304-558-0558.

8-6-2016 expanded duties course

Expanded Duties Courses Set for September 23
WVDA will sponsor various expanded duties courses for dental hygienists and
assistants, September 23, 2016, at the Holiday Inn & Suites, 400 Second Ave.,
South Charleston.  If lodging is needed call the Holiday Inn 304-744-4641.
Restorative Expanded Duties for Dental Assistants will be presented by
Dr. Michael Bagbey of WVU School of Dentistry, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon.
Expanded Duties for Orthodontic Assistants will be presented by Anissa
Anderson, DDS, MS, a private practitioner from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon.
Coronal Polishing for Restorative and Orthodontic Assistants will be
presented by Dr. Bagby, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Nitrous Oxide Monitoring for Dental Hygienists and Assistants will be
presented by Bryan Weaver, DDS, MS, WVU School of Dentistry, from
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Attached are registration forms for the courses.  Please register with WVDA
by September 13 so adequate arrangements can be made with the hotel.
Please note fees increase after September 13.
Call WVDA 304-344-5246 for information or to register with a credit card.


Dear Dental Society Executive Directors and Communications staff,

By now, you’ve likely read the Associated Press story that questions the benefits of flossing. It also notes flossing was not included in federal dietary guidelines in 2015.

We’re pleased that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released a statement affirming that cleaning between teeth with interdental cleaners, including floss, is an important oral hygiene practice and, along with professional cleanings and tooth brushing, has been shown to disrupt and remove plaque.

In light of this statement, the ADA has updated its own statement, and talking points drafted earlier this week are attached. These resources were developed so that you are prepared for member and media inquiries. Additionally, we continue to recommend you share the MouthHealthy.org page about interdental cleaners as a patient resource for members (which may also be useful to media).

You can read more about the government’s statement in ADA News.

Thank you,

Mike Bittner  [email protected]
Content Specialist
Division of Integrated Marketing & Communications


letter to President Gee

Gordon Gee, President
West Virginia University
PO Box 6201
1500 University Avenue
Morgantown, WV 26505-6201
Dear President Gee:
I am writing on behalf of the West Virginia Dental Association Executive Council, which met
July 21.  Including our statewide elected officers, the Council is composed of 29 dentists,
representing the 10 component societies throughout the State.  It is the policy-making body
of WVDA.
Since more than two-thirds of the dentists in West Virginia are graduates of WVU School
of Dentistry, I am sure you understand and appreciate their support and interests in our
State’s only dental school.  The School was the topic of conversation at our 110th Annual
Session, July 21-24, at The Greenbrier.  Over 150 dentists were in attendance.  (BTW…
We are sorry you were unable to attend.)
The Council supports Dr. Tom Borgia as Dean and commends your appointing him to the
position.  He demonstrates sincere and professional academic competency in addressing
the challenges facing our School.  This is certainly welcomed and rewarding since there
has been so much turnover and absence of a full-time dean over the past several years.
Our dentists are especially pleased with Dean Borgia’s leadership in our School recently
attaining accreditation by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).
While our Council is pleased with CODA accreditation, it is concerned with the future
physical facilities and faculty staffing at our School.  Our Council wants the School to
continue graduating well-trained and competent clinicians to not only serve the citizens
of our State but residents of other states should they elect to practice elsewhere.  Our
School’s current national recognition as an excellent academic institution deserves that.
WVU has always graduated excellent practitioners for over 50 years.
I’m sure you understand continuing to graduate excellent clinicians requires up-to-date
facilities and equipment with adequate space so students can be trained to perform
modern clinical treatments needed to advance their skills necessary to care for patients.
WVDA understands you and your staff’s recent tour of the current facilities found them
to be less than adequate.  WVDA simply wants graduates of our School to be the best
so they can compete in today’s practice environment and  provide the best dental care
to their patients.   After all, it is all about the students and patients.
Therefore, you are respectfully requested to dedicate sufficient facilities and space
needed to fulfill the responsibilities to graduate the best of dental students.   WVDA
stands behind you in any way it can to assist you in fulfilling this goal.
Thank you for your consideration.   WVDA wishes you and your staff the best!
Very truly yours,
Richard Stevens, Executive Director


In Memorial:  Doctor David Homer Walker
WVDA is saddened to inform the dental community of the passing earlier today
of Doctor David Homer Walker, 71, of Dunbar, following an extended illness.
A Past President and Life Member of WVDA, he received his B.S. degree from
Marshall University, before graduating from the WVU School of Dentistry in 1971.
He then spent three years in the United States Public Health Service as a staff
dentist on the Zuni Indian Reservation in New Mexico.  He also served at the
United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, Long Island, NY, and
the USPHA Dental Manpower Development Center in Louisville, KY.
After public health service, Doctor Walker served on the faculty with the WVU
School of Dentistry in Morgantown and Charleston.  He was appointed Dental
Director for the State of West Virginia.
Active in dentistry for 36 years, he was President of the Kanawha Valley Dental
Society and represented his component on the WVDA Executive Council.  He
was also President of the WV Academy of General Dentistry and a member of
the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honorary Dental Society.  He was a Fellow in the
American College of Dentistry and International College of Dentistry.
Devoted to improving oral health Doctor Walker volunteered his services at
West Virginia Health Right in Charleston for several years, and participated in
several “Give Kids A Smile” campaigns throughout the years in the Kanawha
He is survived by his wife, Becky S. Walker, and three children, Jennifer, Andy
and Kate.
Keller Funeral Home, 1236 Myers Avenue, Dunbar, WV 25064 is in charge of
services.  Telephone: 304-768-1217.