New Dentist

Dr. Kerri T. Simpson, a 2017 graduate of West Virginia University School of Dentistry, was selected Chair of WVDA’s New Dentists Committee by the Executive Council in April 2017.  

Your local, state and ADA meetings are great ways to meet your colleagues face-to-face and exchange ideas. But if you’re sitting in your office after hours and wishing for a way to connect and learn from your friends and colleagues right now, there’s a new way to link electronically!

The ADA’s New Dentist Committee has New Dentist Now, a blog where new dentists can keep up with their colleagues, stay fresh on issues in dentistry and find out about events. And don’t just read about it, post as well. You are invited to contribute.

“New Dentist Now is a one-stop shop for the latest news, great advice and fun stories for new dentists,” said Dr. Chris Salierno, 2012-2013 chair of the New Dentist Committee. “The content is generated by new dentist leaders throughout the tripartite. There will also be a wealth of best practices in new dentist events. A local new dentist chair can read about a hugely successful meeting from the other side of the country and bring that idea to new dentists in their area. We aim to inspire and inform our fellow new dentists and a blog is a great way to do just that.”

Update: 8/17/15:

The first ever New Dentist Seminar was a fabulous overview of the value and support that the American Dental Association offers our newest graduates. Maxine Feinberg, ADA president, spoke to a group of dental students and new graduates answering questions that relate to their specific concerns with the dental profession.  The New Dentist Social provided an unique opportunity for dentists in practice less then ten years to provide insight and encouragement to each other. The dental students were also able to interact and ask questions regarding their future in dentistry.