Dear Dental Society Executive Directors and Communications staff,

By now, you’ve likely read the Associated Press story that questions the benefits of flossing. It also notes flossing was not included in federal dietary guidelines in 2015.

We’re pleased that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released a statement affirming that cleaning between teeth with interdental cleaners, including floss, is an important oral hygiene practice and, along with professional cleanings and tooth brushing, has been shown to disrupt and remove plaque.

In light of this statement, the ADA has updated its own statement, and talking points drafted earlier this week are attached. These resources were developed so that you are prepared for member and media inquiries. Additionally, we continue to recommend you share the MouthHealthy.org page about interdental cleaners as a patient resource for members (which may also be useful to media).

You can read more about the government’s statement in ADA News.

Thank you,

Mike Bittner  [email protected]
Content Specialist
Division of Integrated Marketing & Communications