‘Don’t toss your floss’
Kudos to Dr. Josh Chapman of the Chapman & Puderbaugh Family Dentistry
practice in South Charleston for his outstanding ‘letter to the editor’ appearing
in today’s Charleston Gazette-Mail.  Dr. Chapman identified the benefits of
flossing in response to the Associated Press recently reporting flossing is no
longer recommended.  Attached is Dr. Chapman’s letter.
Expanded duties courses announced
Dentists were mailed a postcard last week announcing the expanded duties
courses being offered September 23 at the Holiday Inn in South Charleston.
The four courses include: nitrous oxide monitoring for dental hygienists and
assistants; coronal polishing for restorative and orthodontic assistants;
expanded duties for orthodontic assistants; and restorative expanded duties
for dental assistants.  Call WVDA 304-344-5246 for registration forms or send
an email with name, address and email address to wvrds@aol.com
Components play key role in membership
Research conducted by the ADA shows the experience dentists have at the
local level has a direct correlation on their decision to remain members of
organized dentistry.  While the tripartite structure provides member dentists
with benefits/resources at the national, state and local levels, components
have historically had the closest relationship with dentists.  This is not only
due to geographic proximity, but also the networking and social aspects of
professional collegiality.
WVDA is pleased to announce component meetings and events to dentists
on its email listserve.  Component officers are invited to send the schedule
of their local meetings to WVDA for publication.  This can help get the word
out to dentists to attend component meetings.
Medicaid Update
Dr. Carol Buffington, WVDA Liaison to WV Medicaid, and Richard Stevens,
Executive Director, will meet with Medicaid and managed care organizations
August 19.  Dentists are invited to convey issues they experience with the
program to Dr. Buffington [email protected] or Mr. Stevens wvrds@aol.com