Reminder: HIPAA
As reported in the May/June 2016 issue of WVDA News, the federal government
is auditing health care providers, including dentists, to ensure they are complying
with patient privacy laws and health care information security laws.  Penalties can
range from $100 to $50,000 per violation, with an annual maximum of $1.5 million
for all violations of a given HIPAA requirement or prohibition.  Additionally, an
individual or entity that violates HIPAA can face criminal penalties.
Protect your patients’ privacy and your practice with an ADA complete
HIPAA compliance kit.  The kit includes:
>Step by step process for developing privacy, breach notification and security
>A complete training program with CE credit
>Template for developing policies and procedures
>Sample notice of privacy practices
>Customizable form.
The cost of a complete HIPAA kit from the ADA is $300 for members and $450
for non-members.  Shop online adacatalog.org or call 800-947-4756.
CSMP access required of prescribers
Beginning July 1, 2016, and pursuant to WV law, all new licensees (dentists,
physicians, etc.) who prescribe or dispense Schedule II, III or IV controlled
substances must obtain and maintain individual access to the WV Controlled
Substance Monitoring Program (WVCSMP) database within 30 days of license.
All licensees who prescribe or dispense Schedule II, III or IV controlled
substances and who fail to register and maintain individual access with the
WVCSMP shall be subject to a $1,000 administrative penalty, and may face
disciplinary action.
After July 1, 2016, a licensee (dentist, physician, etc.) who has prescribed or
dispensed Schedule II, III or IV controlled substances may no renew his or her
WV license without verification that he or she has obtained and maintained
access to the WVCSMP.
The WVCSMP is maintained and operated by the Board of Pharmacy.
Information on how to register for access is found at www.wvbop.com or by
calling the Board of Pharmacy 304-558-0558.