n response to inquiries from dentists regarding the above issue, which I reported yesterday,
below is a message Dr. Kathleen O’Loughlin, ADA Executive Director, sent state dental
association executive directors.
Briefly, the rule calls for health care providers who receive funds from Medicaid, Medicare
and CHIP to post nondiscrimination notices in their offices and undertake other actions to
comply with the federal Office of Civil Rights new rule which became effective July 18.
The ADA has written the OCR requesting a delay because of such a short notice, and
exempt offices with fewer than 25 employees.  WVDA will keep members informed of
any developments with this issue.
In the meantime dentists may wish to refer to the attachments reported below by Dr.

Communication from Kathleen T. O’Loughlin, DMD, MPH

Unfortunately, this was not something ADA could lobby against since it was an interpretation of the law by regulators.

We can help members comply and this could be used as a great marketing tool as to the value of membership.

Materials are online at  http://success.ada.org/en/practice/operations/section-1557 .  The checklist that was developed can be downloaded by members and is in an easy to use format. https://success.ada.org/en/practice/operations/section-1557/~/media/87C85F8D39C84B83833161655992167A.ashx.    

Since these materials are not available through any other dental organization, the Department of Product Sales (DPS) is looking into how these resources can be packaged to sell to non-members.