WV health care costs to increase
Over 396,000 West Virginian’s are Medicare beneficiaries and 517,000+ are covered by Medicaid.
The total 913,000+ are 50% of the State’s 1.8 million population.
That combination could mean trouble when cash-strapped West Virginia begins paying 5% of the
health care costs for the 170,000+ (included in the above 517,000) it added to Medicaid during
expansion of the program over the past two and one-half years (1/1/14 to 6/30/16).  The federal
government has paid the entire cost of the expansion since 2014, but will reduce its share by
5% in 2017, then one percent a year thereafter.
The feds pay 72% of health care expenses for the remaining 347,000+ on Medicaid while the
State pays the 28% balance.  The Medicaid program (both federal and state) costs more than
$4 billion a year.  West Virginia’s share is nearly $1 billion.
Message from ADA
The Office for Civil Rights has issued a final rule that prohibits health care entities that receive
certain federal financial assistance, including Medicaid and CHIP, from discriminating based
on race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.  The ADA’s Health Policy Institute says
43% of dentists across the country were enrolled in Medicaid programs in 2014; therefore,
they will be subject to this rule.
The rule which went into effect July 18 and implements Section 1557 of the Affordable Care
Act, requires the affected parties by October 16 to post taglines in multiple languages and
nondiscrimination notices in their offices, on their websites and in significant publications
and communications.  The ADA provides a number of resources, including a checklist,
Q&A and sample documents for dental practices, free of charge only to ADA members to
help them comply with this rule at www.success.ada.org
Read more about this new federal rule on Page 11 in the July 11 issue of ADA News.