Board to develop report cards
The Board of Pharmacy is developing a system that will rank prescribers by
specialty based on the number of prescriptions they write for pain medications.
Prescribers will be categorized and sent notifications of how they rank among
their peers with their prescribing practices.  The report cards will not be made
public as state law requires such information to be kept confidential.  Board
officials say this is an educational component, not for disciplinary reasons.
At the request of Governor Earl Ray Tomblin the Legislature passed SB 437
in 2012 which advanced the Board’s authority to undertake measures to alert
prescribers and dispensers of the abuse of prescription drugs.  The law set
up a committee of prescribers and dispensers to advise the Board on actions
needed to curb abuse.
Prescribers will also be alerted to the quantity and strengths of opioids their
patients are taking.  They will see their patients’ data when they examine a
patient’s prescription history on the controlled substance monitoring program.
The Board is considering setting up a system that notifies prescribers about
“high risk” patients who could be an overdose risk and secure pain meds
from multiple prescribers.  In the coming months, WV prescribers will be
able to check a patient’s prescription history in 20 additional states.
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