The below “Dental Expressions” was provided by CNA Health Pro, the malpractice and
        dental equipment insurance company sponsored by WVDA, identifying checklists you
        can use to help reduce your exposure to claims.  Read the full issue by going to the
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Safety Checklists: A Key to  Reducing Errors and Risk Exposure 

Dentist and other healthcare practitioners have an ethical and legal duty to make both their procedures and their premises as safe as possible for patients, staff members and visitors. A previous issue of Dental Expressions®discussed the concept of creating a culture of safety. This issue will further explore one aspect of such a culture: the use of checklists in the dental office setting to reduce the likelihood of errors and create a safer environment.

Consistent checklist usage can help address what the CNA dental claim database reveals as the primary cause of loss, in terms of both frequency and severity: inadequate precautions to prevent injury.

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