5/24/2016 and employment opportunity

Legislature presents budget proposals
Meeting yesterday, the House of Delegates advanced tax increases on all tobacco
products except e-cigarettes (vapors) which are not currently taxed, claiming these
products are alternatives to tobacco products — and not as harmful.  The measure
was approved 53 to 38. Prior to that vote, a motion to increase the tax on only
cigarettes and not other tobacco products (snuff, spit tobacco, etc.) failed.  The
House is expected to pass the measure today.  It will then be sent back to the
Senate for its approvals.
Also yesterday the Senate and House Finance Committees released their budget
bills raiding the State’s “Rainy Day” emergency loan fund to close a $270 million
shortfall in the 2016-17 budget.  The Senate plan takes $135 million from the fund,
which is almost one-third of the $422 million in the fund.  The Senate also imposes
an additional $36.7 million in spending cuts, with two percent across-the-board
cuts for many agencies, as well as 10 percent cuts in the offices of the governor,
attorney general, secretary of state, auditor, treasurer and agriculture.  That’s on
top of $86 million in cuts proposed by the Governor — bringing total cuts in the
budget to more than $122 million.  The House proposal is similar to the Senate.
The Senate Finance Committee plan exempts public ed., higher ed., Dept. of
Health and Human Resources (Medicaid) and State Police.  The Senate plan
fully funds scholarship programs, including Promise, and PEIA premiums paid
by employers.   Details of the House plan are expected today.
WVDA continues to lobby the Legislature with interest in Medicaid being
adequately funded and reimbursement not being cut.
Associate Position Available
Position available for a full-time associate in busy office in Weirton, WV.  Our
office utilizes modern equipment and offers a wide variety of services.  We
currently have 7 operatories with 2 full-time hygienists.  We average around
75 new patients per month and have additional great potential for expanded
growth. Future partnership option possible.  Please email inquiries or resumes